Kielder Probes – Bespoke Tools For An Indeterminate Design Process

Sense Editor
August 28, 2012


Recent developments in innovative technologies and smart materials have created new opportunities and are suggesting significant changes in the way we design and build architecture. Traditionally, however, there has always been a gap between the new technologies and their applications into other areas.

Even though, most technological innovations hold the promise to transform the building industry and the architecture within, and although, there have been some limited attempts in this area recently; to date architecture has failed to utilize the vast amount of accumulated technological knowledge and innovations to significantly transform the industry. Consequently, the applications of new technologies to architecture remain remote and inadequate.

This conference aims to address this situation by focusing on how new technologies can be integrated with and into architecture. It will focus on all levels of technology and different dimensions of architecture and the ways they relate to innovation and building industry. Technical Chair Osman Ataman Coordinator Huy Sinh Ngo

(originally presented at) SMART ARCHITECTURE Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) 13- 16 FEBRUARY 2005 SAVANNAH, GA, USA

Ataman, O, (ed.) Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture. (pp. 254 - 259). ACADIA: Savannah College of Art and Design, 0-9772832-0-8