Prof Stephen Hailes

Sense Editor
June 27, 2011

Stephen Hailes, Deputy Head of Computer Science, Director of Studies

Special Interest Group = Mobile Systems Group

Research Interests include all aspects of mobile systems and security. Ad hoc systems, pervasive/ambient computing environments, and how to secure these things. He also retain a quiet interest in multimedia. At the fore of next – generation network research

Current Projects

RUNES (PI and Technical Manager): An EC- funded, Framework 6 (call 2) Integrated Project, started on 1st September 2004, aimed at researching and developing a reconfigurable infrastructure for networked embedded systems.
SEINIT (coI): An EC-funded Framework 6 (call 1) Integrated Project aimed at constructing a secure and dependable framework for ambient computing environments.
MARS (PI): A BT/UCL collaboration run from UCL@Adastral.Park aimed at building resilient, dependable and fault-tolerant access control systems for ambient computing environments.
CLEF services: An MRC funded project that aims to remove barriers to the use of biomedical data by providing appropriate assurance about privacy.
Power aware networking: an EPSRC CASE studentship with Philips Research Labs at Redhill

Recently Completed Projects

6WINIT: An ICT project exploring secure mobile IPv6 deployment using clinical testbeds.
PIMMS: An EPSRC project in secure multimedia applications for mobile environments