Prof Simon Arridge

Sense Editor
June 27, 2011

Simon Arridge’s research interests primarily lie in the area of tomography in medical imaging, specifically the application of inverse problem techniques to image reconstruction.

A topic of research for the last 20 years has been the development of optical tomography an imaging modality detecting the contrast of absorption and scattering of light in the visible and near-infrared region of the spectrum. Optical tomography extends to fluorescence optical tomography in which the contrast is the stimulated emission of light at another wavelength, discriminated from the background by spectral filtering, and photoacoustic tomography where the contrast is stimulated emission of ultrasound waves, which do not suffer significantly from attenuation.

Other research topics that use similar methods are fast cardiac MRI, digital tomosynthesis, electro cardio physiology, and nuclear medicine (SPECT and PET). As well as the use of generic priors such as distribution of edges, I am currently investigating the use of cross-modality priors which involves other topics such as information-theoretic measures, probabilistic atlases, and image registration.