Prof Stuart Robson

Sense Editor
June 22, 2011

Dr. Stuart Robson is Professor of Photogrammetry and his research focus is in traceable on-line dynamic 3D co-ordination and monitoring of engineering, medical and cultural objects. Dr. Robson utilises photogrammetric image networks and sequences, vision metrology and laser scanning in the pursuit of his research. He is also developing strategies for improving communication between arts and sciences, with particular emphasis on the heritage sector

Dr. Robson is completing a collaboration with Tate Britain which illustrates the potential for software to augment cultural heritage. Tate Britain is documenting a significant collection of transparent early plastic sculptures by Naum Gabo (1890-1977), which are rapidly deteriorating.

The E-Curator project has developed a combined method of photogrammetric recording, touch probing and laser scanning to deliver accurate computer models and documentation which will allow the production of replica sculptures

This is but the latest application of Robson’s ongoing work with UCL’s Arius3D colour laser. Earlier collaborations with Sally MacDonald, Director of UCL Museums & Collections, opened doors to completely different ways of exhibiting objects, and of engaging visitors with collections.

Well Connected to Your Digital Object? E-Curator: A Web-based e-Science Platform for Museum Artefacts

Another of Robson’s ongoing projects is the Vision Measurement Software (VMS) (a collaboration with Prof. Mark Shortis of RMIT University Australia). The VMS is a suite of photogrammetric software which is used by some 30 international research institutions and universities for applications as diverse as the underwater measurement of fish, the monitoring of engineering, aeronautic and spacecraft structures, and the monitoring of active lava flows