David Andreen

Sense Editor
June 23, 2011

David Andreen is developing physiomimetic design strategies for 3D printed buildings

Emerging technologies in digital fabrication are rapidly changing the way we can build, and opening up new possibilities for a performative and sustainable architecture. Freeform Construction develops technologies for digital manufacturing and design methods geared towards an architectural 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, solution.

My work is focused on developing design methods and solutions which enable the potential of an additive manufacturing paradigm -mass customisation and a vast formal complexity and variation. In these scenarios algorithmic design methods can allow the structure of a building to start responding to their context in previously unattainable ways and what has been considered separate scales in space and time can be fully integrated.

By learning from natural processes we are striving to create structures which are functional membranes and which allow us to bypass the dependency on external energy to control heat, humidity and ventilation. The membrane utilises local energy gradients in the surrounding environment – for example light, turbulent winds – to drive and control the exchange of energy