Grieg Paterson

Sense Editor
June 23, 2011

Concept designs are key to the direction and ultimate success of a project. Major decisions which fundamentally affect the sustainability of a building are made in the early stages of design. However, due to the rapid and erratic development of design, environmental analysis is not usually undertaken until after the concept stage. By this time, most sustainable solutions would need design or briefing changes that are often too costly to implement.

Aedas R&D develop design methods through modelling and computation that quantify, visualise and manipulate spatial, environmental and financial factors of design. In collaboration with Aedas R&D and UCL, my research will explore the use of advanced modelling at the early stages of design, utilising performance data and environmental simulation as architectural design drivers.

I aim to explore alternative spatial designs and form-finding techniques while developing the methodology for integrating quantitative analysis into the design workflow that present the performance implications of early design decisions parametrically. The objective is to develop a system that provides quick feedback while designers are undertaking initial exploratory exercises.